Netiquette / Code of Conduct on Social Media

Dear users,

we would like all visitors to our social media platforms to feel comfortable! Therefore, we ask that you observe and comply with the following rules when posting content (comments, postings, photos, etc.) on our channels. In the event of violations of the rules of use, we reserve the right to hide or delete the content and to permanently block those responsible. We thank you for your understanding!

We do not tolerate

  1. Violations of applicable laws. In the case of legally relevant content, we reserve the right to forward it to the respective authorities and, if a criminal offence is fulfilled, to bring charges against it. This applies in particular to:
    • Any form of discrimination or defamation of people/groups
    • Insults, degradation or defamation of other users, companies and third parties
    • Threats of violence and incitement to violence or other criminal acts
    • Content that is contemptuous of humanity, extremist or glorifies violence
    • Mobbing
  2. Unverifiable or unsubstantiated allegations, suspicions and unfounded insinuations
  3. Provocations or deliberate disturbances of the discussion
  4. Obscene or pornographic content
  5. Comments that have nothing to do with the content of a post or are obviously part of a campaign (shitstorm)
  6. Advertising for parties or political events
  7. Calls for demonstrations
  8. Spam or automatically/machine generated comments (bots)
  9. Disclosure of personal data such as mail addresses, phone numbers and addresses

We are a small social media team – we do our best to answer comments, postings and personal messages promptly. Should it take longer than expected, we ask for your understanding.

We are always open to feedback, suggestions and questions.

Your social media team of EWMG and WFMG