Our Mission:

We give people a home and change the face of Mönchengladbach. To achieve this, we make many things possible and take responsibility for the city and within the city.

Mönchengladbach is a vibrant and diverse organism as a city. With character and charm, with strengths and weaknesses, just like the people who live in it. And it is constantly changing: the old fades away and makes room for the new, just like in real life. EWMG supports the development of Mönchengladbach, revitalizes unused areas, and makes them attractive to investors. A prime example is the Nordpark. The 160-hectare area has been made usable by EWMG for living and working, for leisure and sports. With the Borussia-Park, hockey arena, the beautifully renovated historical buildings of the former educational institution, and many renowned companies, the Nordpark is one of the most important symbols of Mönchengladbach.

The success story continues, not only in the Nordpark but throughout the city area. Space for living and working is being created everywhere. The inner-city projects Maria Hilf terraces and Seestadt mg+ give Mönchengladbach a new face: lovable, forward-thinking, diverse. EWMG is working towards that.

We make DEVELOPMENT possible in Mönchengladbach.

  • We create building land for residential and commercial properties. We prepare the ground for the future of the city.
  • Through strategic land and property acquisitions, we secure living and working space and invest in long-term and future developments in the city. We create options within the city.
  • We make brownfield sites usable again. We recycle areas for sustainable urban development.
  • We develop and construct properties that have a lasting impact on the cityscape. We make a difference in the city.
  • We manage office and commercial properties. We provide space for jobs.
  • We create building land for your company – in close collaboration with the WFMG. We prepare the ground for economic growth.
  • We invest in innovative and sustainable infrastructure. We connect your company to the network.

We make DIVERSITY possible in Mönchengladbach.

  • We market living spaces and building land for all age and income groups, considering ecological, economic, and social aspects equally. We make living possible for everyone.
  • We invest in land and properties, thus creating space for diverse living and working. We make a statement for a vibrant city.
  • We collaborate with other urban players to ensure a long-term and broad offering for MG. Together, we shape the city.

We make HOMELAND possible in Mönchengladbach.

  • We market living spaces and building land for your own home – regardless of whether you are already a resident of Mönchengladbach or want to make the city your new home. We provide you with a home.
  • We develop residential neighborhoods with a high quality of stay. We ensure quality of life.
  • We take care of the use of municipal land – whether it’s a small garden plot or a large agricultural area. Our land is in good hands with you.

We take RESPONSIBILITY in Mönchengladbach.

  • We invest in land and properties, creating perspectives for MG. We take responsibility for the future of the city.
  • We collaborate with other urban players. We take responsibility for each other.
  • We set standards for sustainability and promote resource-efficient and climate-friendly construction. We lead by example.
  • We take care of problematic areas in the city and find solutions for neglected properties and areas. We clean up and take responsibility for the city’s appearance.