Land & Buildings

EWMG provides support for the development of Mönchengladbach as a growing city. It is paving the way for economic success, giving people homes and changing the face of Mönchengladbach. EWMG is your competent municipal partner for the development of residential and business areas in the city.

A living city needs diversity. For residential property construction, this means that people of all ages and incomes need to be considered. The stated objective is to provide “living space for everyone” throughout the city area. This concerns both the major inner-city projects such as the Maria Hilf terraces and Seestadt mg+ as well as smaller residential projects in the city districts.

Whether you want to purchase or rent a home in a calm suburban area or in the midst of a busy inner-city district, whether you need a spacious home for a whole family, age-friendly housing or a single-family home or wish to share a multi-generational building – in Mönchengladbach, homes are being created to meet the most diverse needs and wishes.

You will find all the land and buildings currently available here – this also includes vacant retail space.The map shows you the location of the various properties within the city. More detailed information on each property and the application procedure is only available in German.