In the eastern part of Mönchengladbach, you can find the REME site, which was used by the British Army as a tank workshop and also housed a cellulose factory. This approximately 15-hectare area has a significant impact on the Lürrip district, for which there is an urban development framework plan. The plan specifically envisions diverse residential options on the REME site, while also providing areas for non-disruptive commercial use.

Around 400 residential units are planned to be built here. As a landmark and homage to its previous military use, essential elements of the 190-meter-long tank hall, as well as the boiler house with its chimney, will be preserved. Another central element of the development is the restoration of the Gladbach stream in the southern part of the planning area.

The demolition work on the existing buildings in section 2 has been completed to make way for the new neighborhood with approximately 300 diverse residential units. This is an important milestone for the development of the entire REME site. In 2019, EWMG took over the marketing of the area on behalf of the city. Instone Real Estate Development won the bidding process with its plans for a predominantly car-free area, featuring an urban open-space concept and neighborhood squares integrated with greenery. Overall, approximately 300 residential units with a wide range of different housing forms are planned to be built on the approximately 42,000 square meter section 2 area. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024.

EWMG will also undertake the development and marketing of the REME section 1 area starting in 2023/24. This former production site of Pollrich GmbH will be transformed into a new residential quarter, featuring single-family houses, duplexes, a primary school, childcare facilities, and senior-friendly housing options.