Mönchengladbach is a perfect location for living, working, and investing. The developments in recent years support this statement. The Nordpark has established itself as an international business address, and large neighborhood developments such as the Seestadt and the Maria-Hilf-Terrassen are gaining momentum, to name just a few examples. But what is the current situation in Mönchengladbach? What measures are being taken to attract people, businesses, and investors to the city in the future?

Regularly, EWMG (Mönchengladbach’s urban development company) and WFMG (Mönchengladbach’s economic development agency) take a look at the real estate market in Mönchengladbach every two years. The current brochures “WOHNEN” (Living) and “WIRTSCHAFT” (Economy) have been released just in time for the EXPO REAL trade fair at the beginning of October. The result: The numbers of residents and employees continue to rise. Rental prices for housing are moderate compared to the state capital Düsseldorf. The housing market offers a wide range of options, fulfilling the city’s goal of providing “housing for all.” Sustainable new buildings are profitable, with rents of up to 13 euros per square meter. Companies can expect stable rents for retail and storage spaces, as well as a slight increase in office rents.

Prepared for the future

Mönchengladbach has set the stage for active structural transformation: a knowledge campus as a nucleus for new and interdisciplinary developments, an airport as an innovation and research hub, a startup factory that transfers business models into the future and imparts digital know-how for tomorrow’s jobs, a groundbreaking textile factory aimed at revolutionizing sustainable production, and the consistent expansion of digital infrastructure. These are just a few examples that demonstrate Mönchengladbach’s investment in pioneering developments, building knowledge and areas to actively shape its future.

In the residential sector, major inner-city housing projects will enter the market from 2023 onwards – both on the Maria-Hilf-Terrassen and on the REME site. In the Seestadt, the first apartments in the South Quarter are expected to be ready for occupancy by the end of 2022. Additional residential areas are being developed in the Mönchengladbach neighborhoods of Giesenkirchen, Venn, Hardt, and Bonnenbroich.

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