Seestadt mg+

The Swedish company Catella is transforming the 14-hectare area in the east of the inner-city into an entirely new district named Seestadt mg+. The name is certainly apt: a lake (“See”) is to form the heart and the unique selling proposition of the district and give this urban location a special flair for living, working, relaxing, sport, culture and encounters. The lake, which will also be open to the public, is to be created near to the Gladbach stream, and the surrounding green spaces are to be intelligently connected. The urban landscape thus created will have a strong identity, combining an experience of nature with urban flair in the heart of the city.

Up to 2,000 attractive, affordable residential units to meet all requirements are to be created at Seestadt mg+, together with space for various types of business, restaurants and leisure facilities. Social infrastructure such as childcare facilities will round off the project.

Catella is breaking new ground in its search for the best and most sustainable solution for the new district. 21 renowned architecture firms were invited to take part in a creative workshop to develop spontaneous designs with a number of themes.