Town hall of the future mg+

Mönchengladbach is planning a new town hall. As many administration employees as possible now working at 26 decentralised sites are to be grouped together at a site in Rheydt. The new building is to offer space for about 1,900 employees, or some 1,500 workplaces with a desk sharing ratio of 1.27. This will mean that employees of municipal companies will also be able to relocate here together with the city administration.

The jury of the Europe-wide call for tenders voted by a clear majority in favour of the concept submitted by sop architekten GmbH from Düsseldorf, Germany (see picture above). The most striking feature is a glass facade extending from Limitenstraße to Harmoniestraße. The historic town hall and the old commandery are prominently located as historical buildings in front of the new connecting element.

The state-of-the-art new building is an investment in the future because it will offer greater opportunities for innovative working methods. The main focus is on digital services and sustainability. The new town hall is to meet all the requirements of a modern city administration and to be digital, centralised, modern, attractive and economical.

In addition, the town hall is to be a special place for townspeople. The rooms are to be bright and spacious, with plenty of space for interaction. The new town hall will also attract customers to shops and restaurants in the centre of Rheydt and stabilise this district of the city in the long term.